Martial Arts Ambassadors Program

We are looking for enthusiastic ambassadors and friends of Kung Fu To’a to help us spread the word about this beautiful and complete Persian martial art. This is an opportunity to support a community of people who are supporting others growing and knowing themselves better in a very fun and welcoming environment.

What we expect from you?
– As an ambassador, attend as many classes per week as you want.
– As a minimum, get 6 new joiners in 6 months that enrol on a membership and keep returning (for 3 month minimum).
– Spread the word and tradition of Kung Fu To’a to promote this complete martial art.
– Have fun and be part of a growing community of people who believe in Union of Body and Mind.

What we offer?
– 6 month full membership.
– $100 / month for your marketing and development activities to use as you please.
– If you get more than 8 new joiners in 6 months (that enrol with us for a minimum of 3 month), we will offer you 10% of their membership.

(*) Applicants for Ambassador are subject to approval.

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