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I had the honour and privilege of training with Master Babak Tawassoli during an intense immersion week of Kung Fu Toa in his school in Germany. Master Babak has dedicated 36 of his life to Kung Fu Toa and in my humble opinion is amongst the ones in the World who more have done to promote Toa internationally. Master Babak is a 7th Dan and is an amazing martial artist, personal defence teacher and man.
He welcomed me with arms wide open and very happy to teach in detail the traditional Kung Fu Toa. We had very passionate conversations about history, techniques and applications of Toa. It was a deep experience with long hours to revise the extensive Toa forms as well as learn the proper Farsi technique names (note that my Farsi is as good as my German, meaning I can speak 7 words). Thankfully he has written the Book of Toa in English also for those who want to get into all the detail and correct application.
I must say I have been doing martial arts for 16 years and have observed perhaps too many egos in martial arts and sometimes too many secrets. Master Babak is extraordinary with Toa and still he is incredibly humble, shares from the heart and deeply cares for his students growth. He lives and promotes Toa, his passion, as no other. 
I am keen on coming back to Sydney to spread the teachings though I know I will deeply miss the time with him and his students. Will be forever grateful! TOA!

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