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Combination of a Persian Martial Art with Yoga.

There are those who come to develop an hardcore fitness and be part of intense training.

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Martial Art

A system that evolves and has more than 70,000 techniques.

There are those who come to train with top martial artists and fight.

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Tradition and Philosophy

Solid roots in Persian tradition to develop a complete Martial Artist.

There are those who seek tradition, personal growth, deep relations and fun.

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How is Kung Fu To’a different from other martial arts?

1. Complete System: We train Aerials, Kicks, Punches, Grappling, Locks, Flexibility, Sensibility and Conditioning. Every class has a bit of all and follows a predetermined system.

2. Evolving Martial Art: At its base it has 70.000 techniques inspired in North and South Chinese Kung Fu, Karate and Taekwondo. Still it is one of the few styles where your graduation is learning 3 years of another martial art and bringing it into the style.

3. One with the Other: Not one against the other. It is a full contact style where the more advanced student adapts to the other person level.

4. Martial Art with Yoga: Combines Yoga and intense exercises to increase flexibility, your core and coordination.

5. Personalised Training: There is always something for someone. We adapt and personalise the training for the individual and where they are in their growth journey.

6. Tradition and Community: Each class has traditional Persian Music, group sharing and a fun environment where personal growth is addressed by exploring what makes each Human a complete Man. Discipline, respect and self awareness are part of the tradition.

7. Intensity and Fitness: If you want to be a fighter you train every single cell of your body. There is no competition in Kung Fu To’a, but there is a very intense training regime, with at least 90 minutes per class and a style that creates strong roots, helps losing weight, increases agility and promotes wellbeing.

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