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Frequently Asked Questions


How is Kung Fu To’a different from other martial arts?

1. Complete System: We train Aerials, Kicks, Punches, Grappling, Locks, Flexibility, Sensibility and Conditioning. Every class has a bit of all and follows a predetermined system.

2. Evolving Martial Art: It is the only style I know where your graduation is learning 3 years of another martial art and bringing it into the style. At its base it has 70.000 techniques.

3. One with the Other: Not one against the other. The more advanced student adapts to the other person level.

4. Martial Art with Yoga: Combines Yoga and intense exercises to increase flexibility, your core and coordination.

5. Personal Training: There is always something for someone. We adapt and personalise the training for the individual and where they are in their growth journey.

6. Tradition and Community: Each class has traditional Persian Music, group sharing and a fun environment where personal growth is addressed by exploring what makes each Human a complete Man.

7. Intensity and Fitness: If you want to be a fighter you train every single cell of your body. There is no competition in Kung Fu To’a, but there is a very intense training regime, with at least 90 minutes per class and a style that creates strong roots, helps losing weight, increases agility and promotes wellbeing.


Do you provide training gear?

We have the official Kung Fu Toa equipment for sale. When you register you may be entitled to some free gear depending on how many months you sign up for.


Is there a minimum age to join Toa Studio?

We pride ourselves for our training system and personalisation so currently we cannot yet accommodate children or anyone under 16 years old.


Do I need to know other martial art to train?

Not at all! We love to teach people who are open, receptive and not preformatted to a style. Exceptional results happen in a few months.


How personalized is your training?

We ask each member to fill in a personalized questionnaire. We do everything possible to meet your specific goals and each class will have something tailored to your development and goals.


What if I am late for a class?

You are always welcomed to come. Classes run for at least 90 minutes and follow a pre-defined system and order. You will miss some but will enjoy the rest.


Do you provide insurance?

Yes. Upon signature you will be included in our Personal Insurance. Details provided upon signature. You will not be covered for any free classes you participate on.



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