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Meet the Instructors

Pedro Carrilho, Chief Instructor

Martial Arts and Yoga are part of Pedro’s being. He has been practicing various Martial Arts styles since he was 15 years old. He has been practicing Kung Fu To’a for over 16 years, having learned intensely with the Master Guilherme Luz in Portugal, disciple of Sharam who in turn is a direct disciple of the Founder and Gran Master Ebrahim Mirzaii. Pedro has also practiced Shotokan Karate, Aikido and Wing Chun Kung Fu. His approach to practice is working on the completeness of the individual. All martial arts are the same at their core: they teach you discipline, how to get to know yourself and others, fitness and wellbeing. At the same time, they also allow you to tap into higher places of consciousness and awareness. To’a Kung Fu is one of the most complete and dynamic martial arts for the 21st century.


Pedro dos Santos, Assistant Instructor

Pedro grew up loving martial arts, however health issues influenced him to join other sports that, at the time, were considered to have better health benefits for children with respiratory issues. It was not until he was 26 that he started practicing Kung Fu (Crane and Tiger inspired styles) in Portugal. His professional journey has allowed him to live in several countries, which has given him the opportunity of learning and practicing new styles in every country: Shaoling Wahnam in the Netherlands, Nan Pai Chuan in the United Kingdom and Tong Long in Australia. This experience with multiple styles made him aware of of the shortcomings and benefits of each of them. When he was introduced to To’a, by Pedro Carrilho, he immediately recognised it as the most comprehensive style he had ever practiced, not only from the martial arts perspective but also from the physical and mental health benefits. Pedro has completely devoted himself to the study of To’a ever since.



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