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All martial arts talk about 4 different fighting ranges: kicking, punching, trapping and grappling. If you fight with a JuJitsu student he will involuntarily want to get closer to you, trap and then grapple. If you fight with a Wing Chun student he will want to be at punching and trapping distance. If Taekwondo kicks… You get the point. 

Every martial art style tends to have a predominant fighting distance. Kung Fu Toa is no different, though it is very complete as it covers all ranges. Anatoa and Atado, form 1 and 2, are great for punching distance. Soto and Mayana, form 3 and 5, are for kicks – Mayana alone has 313 kicks! Samsamae, the 4th phase, is all about trapping and grappling range.

A complete martial artist may have one or two preferes fighting distances but he should practice all.  

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