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Martial Art Classes – Enliven your Martial Art Spirit

For the first time in Australia, we introduce the Persian Martial Art Kung Fu To’a. Is not everyday that you can experience a system with more than 70,000 techniques that keeps evolving. It is a complete system combining Yoga and Kung Fu.

It means different things for different people: there are those who come for the philosophy and personal growth; others for the hardcore fitness and the intensity of training; or those who want to fight with other top Martial Artists.

There is no competition in To’a, it promotes One with the Other not One against the Other.

Class Structure

The traditional Kung Fu To’a follows a complete system with at least 1.5 hours of practice per day. It includes:

1- Warm up
2- Yoga
3- Classical Kicks and Punch Techniques
4- Classical To’a Forms
5- One with the Other
6- Meditation and Relaxation
7- Group Sharing

Studio Philosophy

1. One with the other, not one against the other.
2. Aim for 0 injuries and look after yourself.
3. Learn something new every day.
4. Disconnect from the outside world.
5. Grow with and adapt to your training partner.
6. Cry in the dojo and smile in the Battle field.
7. Develop your natural watchfulness.
8. Do not overthink. Feel and be mindful.
9. Empty your cup and be like water.
10. Defense comes first. Attack comes second. Then defense and attack are one.



years of instructor training To'a

 Book two Discovery Classes right now for FREE

and earn the training gear

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Close to Sydney CBD

Level 2, 511 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest (Weekdays) or at 70 Mary Street, Surry Hills (Saturdays)

1.5 Hours per Class Minimum

Structure of the class is designed to maximize experience and growth.

Passionate Instructors

Kung Fu To’a is a way of life. It is part of the instructors being.

Crows Nest

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