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Get fit & healthy at Toa Studio – one of Australia’s favourite martial arts school. The training regime of To’a Studio is based in the Persian House of Strength concept and ancient Persian warriors. It is one of the most complete fitness regimes that will push you to the limits. Contact us for more information or visit us now.

Kung Fu Toa is grounded on traditional Persian training systems with fitness and warm ups that are very complete and enduring. Similar to some crossfit trainings or bootcamps we will push members limits and ensure all parts of your body are trained. As Bruce Lee said, “if you want to be a fighter, you better train every inch of your body”.

More than fitness

We also believe that our style will give you much more than fitness. As an analogy, there are substancial differences between a dancer doing a leg movement and a Kung Fu To’a practictioner doing the same movement. The focus and purpose with which you do the movement will be very different. Hence why you can do fitness with purpose and we believe it will be a vehicle for a better life. Union of body and mind, consistency and fun is what you need to stay motivated and develop sound habits.

With our training you will also minimise injuries, sometimes easy to happen in boot camp trainings, and still train with lots of intensity. For example, as a martial artist the chief instructor has been training 5 days a week for more than 15 years and never had an injury in warm up and fitness exercises.

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