Coordination is paramount to most martial arts. With training you spend years connecting your sinapses in a specific way, that makes you react to a stimulus with a specific response. It can be quite daunting when you need to change them. That was what happened to me yesterday when I had to relearn and discover about 20 different movements in Anatoa, the first phase of Kung Fu Toa. Anatoa has about 120 movements and is a beautiful kata embodying the earth and giving you the foundation. 

For 16 years I trained in a specific way that thought to be the classical way. Now I rediscovered the real traditional way. In essence they are just small adjustments but they slowed me down whilst I had to adjust it.

Your body wants to move a certain way – the way it has always moved. Most of us move with our uncounscious mind and to learn a new way we need to hack the cycle of unconscious incompetent -> conscious incompetent -> conscious competent -> to finally unconscious competent again. 

When we start something new we all go through this cycle, just like when learning to drive a car. What makes you move faster through it is your passion and repetition. A technique or tool will be yours when it is unconsciously triggered. It is the action you take, in a specific situation, that matters. You choose a tool to use. In the real world you do not have time to think through a technique. Either you have developed the tool before and is yours or not. You will choose which tool or technique to use but not how you do it. So train hard to develop new tools and be open to always adapt. 

Martial arts are an expression of your self. Your true self. Make sure you express it right by not overthinking and simply being. 

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