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Be authentic. To express yourself purely, true to yourself, that is the core component of being a great martial artist.

Recently I discovered the traditional Kung Fu Toa. My Master Guilherme added his own feeling, interpretation of the technique and flow. Toa Lotus Fower is beautiful, creative and effective. Still it has slight differences from the original. Like all other martial arts, the masters who practice for years, will put their own feeling. In the case of Toa in Portugal there was also the way it was taught to him. The original Master Sharam Kassiri who brought Kung Fu Toa to Portugal in the 1980’s taught the 1st phase with glimpses of the 7th phase.

I wanted to stay true to the original and traditional style to rediscover it. It is not easy to learn slight differences when you have been doing it for 16 years. Your synapses are wired in a certain way and to relearn again the variations is like relearning to walk, after you were taught to march. Nothing like good old repetition and hard work to make it yours.

Have fun with these differences on the Video Anatoa Differences from Toa Lotus to Traditional Toa.

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