Kung Fu Toa tagline is ‘Union of Body and Mind’. Grand Master Mirzaii was an hypnotherapist, who deeply knew the power of the mind over the body and used it to assist his students to accomplish very hard physical exercise.

The opposite, the power of the body over the mind, is also very real. Body posture is tightly connected with self affirmation. Self affirmation is one of the most powerful vehicles to believe in one self and develop self confidence. By regularly practicing some of the forms and movements of Toa it is expected for more awareness, calmness and confidence to be developed.

Kung Fu Toa positions and postures have been scientifically studied to use body dynamics and physics and hence they help with the circulation of blood through the body, project confidence and are an expression of true presence. See some of them below.

You will unleash your real potential when body and mind are connected. I would go a step further and suggest you to align body, mind and spirit too. 


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