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For the first time in Australia, we introduce the Persian Martial Art Kung Fu To’a in Crows Nest.
This is a combination of a Persian Martial Art with Yoga. There are those who come to develop a hardcore fitness and be part of intense yoga training in Crows Nest.

We believe that building a strong and happy community is the foundation for a committed high-level training.  At Kung Fu To’a you will meet and learn together and from like-minded people that live in one of the most dynamic North Shore neighbourhoods.

Small but densely packed, the residents of Crows Nest are mostly single, professional and upwardly mobile. Proximity to North Sydney and the city, with its own pulsing commercial centre, Crows Nest makes sense for professional 20-, 30- and 40-somethings.

If you are living in Crows Nest or nearby, Kung Fu To’a is the place to be to keep your body and mind ready to face the busy everyday life. Are you ready for a mental, physical and spiritual journey?

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Kung Fu To'a Studio is the first Studio dedicated to the Persian Martial Art Kung Fu To'a. With over 70.000 techniques, this style combines Yoga and Martial Arts.

What you will learn from this Persian combination of Yoga and Martial Arts? You will learn to Act, not React. You will learn to Adapt. You will learn to develop your Natural Watchfulness, without being Tense (just watchful). You will become More Flexible. You will develop Proper Posture. You will learn to Breathe. You will become Stronger, both Mentally and Physically. You will train in a safe environment where there are No Secrets. You will learn to relay Destructiveness in every movement if you so wish. You will Have Lots of Fun and Growth.

Bruce Lee said that "the mastery of proper fundamentals and their progressive application is the secret of being a great fighter". This along with the 12 areas of a Great Martial Artist are deeply rooted in our practice and teaching: ­ Coordination, Precision, Power, Endurance, Balance, Body Feel, Good form, Kinaesthetic Perception, Economy of Motion, Vision Awareness, Speed ­& Timing.

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